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My name is Jean Davis.  I want to commend you on the response letter that you sent to the Detroit News/Detroit Free Press.  The article generated much concern and many verbal comments.  However, I would like to encourage you and other to start a letter writing campaign the editor on the virtures and benefits of building on Idlewilds future, no matter what the past.

The article was like a punch to the gut.  A positive letter writing campaign by land owners and visitors who are supporters of Idlewild and its future might be a good thing to put a positive slant on it from people who are really living the true view.

You are to be commended for actually puting your words to pen and paper so that they make a difference to others.  Bravo!  John O. Meeks shared your letter with me, and I shared it with many, some of whom know you.  Everyone was very glad that you wrote your article.

Hang in there!