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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

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Feb 6, 2002

Mr. Donnelly, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Jess Brown, a Detroit resident, a property owner in Idlewild, and president of an organization appropriately named "The Mid-Michigan Idlewilders." A 100-person group formed by Mr. John Meeks in 1995, specifically for the purpose of revitalizing Idlewild, Michigan.

Your recent article in Sunday 2-3-02 edition of The Detroit News and Free Press entitled "Good Time Ghosts Haunt Black Eden" was reported from a very negative viewpoint. The positive viewpoint of Idlewild was completely ignored. There are numerous positives to report. In fact, legitimate established entertainment has been returned to Idlewild. The musical group "The Contours" performed in 1999 and 2000 to rave reviews and a packed audience. Let me detail to you further achievements:

* 1999 - Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis renowned entertainment icons: A book signing.

* 2000-2001 - Idlewild 4th of July Parade

* 1998-99-2000-01 -Youth Day

* 1997-98-99-2000-01 - Cabaret

* 1997-98-99-2000-01 - Golf Outing

* 1999-2000-01 - Dinner Dance

* 2001 - Senior Citizen Day

All the above have been presented by the Mid-Michigan Idlewilders. 2002 promises to be even more dynamic. Further see the (attached information) outline of our upcoming conclave in Grand Rapids and the historical significance that has been maintained.

So Mr. Donnelly, as you can truthfully see we are not chasing a ghost - we are chasing REALITY. The purpose of Idlewild is not gone, the purpose is alive and well.


Jess Brown,

President, Mid-Michigan Idlewilders