Response to     Black History: Remembering Idlewild
                        Good-time ghosts haunt ‘Black

                        Resort declined with Jim Crow

By Francis X. Donnelly / The Detroit News Sunday, February 3, 2002

You Mr. Donnelly have projected an article filled with half-truths, inconsistent mis-information and blatant negativity.  As you described and I quote you, “some Idlewild homes are nice, but others are in bleaker shape than the businesses,” you failed to mention that within the past 12 months more than 13 new homes ranging from $75,000 to $275,000 are visible from main paved road in Idlewild, you failed to show pictures of two completely remodeled motels, and the $225,000. valued Red Rooster Lounge.  You failed to mention that Idlewild, Yates Township operates the only public transportation system in Lake County

You further failed to mention that Lake County’s population has grown by 12% in ten years.  I do not want to accuse you of a racially bias in you story, but the facts speak for themselves.

You have done a grave injustice to yourself and us in writing such a derogatory story, however we will overcome this adversity and you can count on the fact that you will never be received in this community again.

Your betrayal of the truth just serves notice that a yellow journalist is a danger to humanity.  You chose to ignore many of the positive things and the solid investments that the people of this community have made and instead chose to gather your story from the garbage can of adversity.   You met with George Thomas, yet there is no mention of him or his talent in your story.  You had an opportunity to feel the heart and soul of this community, yet you chose to spit upon us, but we have been here for 89 years, and I am sure that you as an unprincipled journalist will not last that long and we will still be a strong, vibrant community when you are trying to sell garbage for pennies.

Audrey Kathryn Bullett, CEO
Dawn’s Light Centre, Inc.
P O Box
Idlewild MI 49642-0144

(231) 745-7608