Subject:  Julia M. Carr LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Julia M. Carr
P O Box
Idlewild Michigan 49642-0045
(231) 745-4523

February 7, 2002


Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor

          Reporter Francis X. Donnelly attempted to give an account of Idlewild in his article “Good-time ghosts haunt Black Eden,” which appeared in the Detroit News, Sunday, February 3 Edition. However, he failed to present accurate, positive information.

          As one of the persons Mr. Donnelly interviewed for his Black History story, I was disappointed and concerned that with all of the positive information he received, Donnelly chose to use a negative and inaccurate account of Idlewild.  What was the purpose of such a derogatory story?  Why did he choose to denigrate Idlewild and its people?  Is there an ulterior motive?

          Idlewild has always been more than an entertainment Mecca.Idlewild is and was a summer resort, as well as a permanent residence for many African Americans. Idlewild has and did have expensive homes, as well as, some that are in need of repair. Idlewild does and did have its share of criminal activity, just as other communities have.

          In the past, the Detroit News has given accurate positive coverage to Idlewild, which has always been appreciated.  One of the previous reporters should have received this Black History assignment, instead of Donnelly.

          I am hoping that your newspaper will attempt to rectify such a blatant “slap in the face” of many African Americans.  We, like any other group of Americans, cherish our heritage and demand an accurate record of it.  In addition, I know that you as the Editor of a great newspaper will agree that such a belief makes America great and makes all of its people proud to be Americans.

Julia M. Carr